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Castolin Eutectic Launches New Arc Spraying Equipment

Castolin Eutectic Launches New Arc Spraying Equipment

In the field of arc spraying technology, the recent introduction of the EuTronic Arc Spray EAS1-i by Castolin Eutectic has generated interest among industry professionals. This inverter-based arc sprayer is higher yielding, lighter and less energy-intensive than standard transformer equipment.

Precision and efficiency

The equipment is based on a sophisticated computer control system and intuitive software, ensuring accurate and efficient coating, improving process control and repeatability. In addition, the integration of a reliable Push Pull system enables smooth spraying in different positions, increasing operational flexibility and productivity. An attractive feature of the EuTronic Arc Spray EAS1-i is its compact and lightweight design that facilitates handling and portability. The unit is equipped with a robust 350 A power source, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding jobsite environments. In addition, the patented "Synchrodrive" mechanism facilitates precise feeding, contributing to the uniformity and quality of the spray coatings.

Versatile applications in different industries

EuTronic Arc Spray EAS1-i demonstrates outstanding versatility in a wide range of industrial applications. From anti-wear coatings for mining equipment to corrosion protection, this equipment meets the diverse needs of industry with reliability. Notable applications include bridges, cement plants, pulp and paper mills, steel structures and thermal power plants, among others.

Inverter vs. transformer systems  

When evaluating arc spray equipment options, it is important to choose between inverter-based and transformer-based systems. Inverter-based systems are more efficient, lighter and more economical.  The energy efficiency of EAS1-i not only provides an operational advantage, but also makes a compelling case for investment through potential savings. Opting for the EAS1-i model can result in a significant annual saving.

Futuregazing: Implications for industry

The EuTronic Arc Spray EAS1-i is an inverter-based system that brings significant changes to the coatings field. While traditional transformer-based systems are still relevant in some situations, inverter-based solutions offer superior efficiency and greater versatility that are transforming arc spray operations globally. These technological advances bring industry professionals new opportunities to achieve increased productivity, cost savings and operational excellence.

© Castolin Eutectic
© Castolin Eutectic

(Source: Castolin Eutectic Press Release)



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