Markus Killer (l.) and Dr. Klaus Ockenfeld - © Kupferverband e. V.

Kupferverband e. V.: Ready for 2024

Kupferverband e. V.: New Leadership Duo

The team of the Kupferverband e. V. gathered in Ulm at the end of January for two days to discuss the strategy and goals for 2024. A central focus of the meeting was to define the role of the Kupferverband in the national and international context and to prepare the vision and positioning for the coming years.

Following questions were discussed: What makes the Kupferverband special? What services are needed and provided nationally and internationally? What are the expectations and desires of the member companies? This discussion was well warranted as the Kupferverband has gained additional members and tasks through the integration of the Brass Sanitary Association. The association considers its task an essential foundation of the copper industry, to bundle knowledge about the material, its alloys, the technical application and to answer questions from manufacturers, users and authorities with this expertise. The team emphasized the importance of innovation and foresight to prepare for the challenges of the coming years.

Furthermore, the team was reorganized and responsibilities were adjusted accordingly: In succession to Michael Sander, Dr. Klaus Ockenfeld and Markus Killer took over the management of the Kupferverband business in November 2023. Dr. Klaus Ockenfeld, who has been dedicated to to environmental, health, drinking water and regulation issues since 2005, took over the management of the association's “technical-scientific services” department. Markus Killer, who has been the commercial director at the Kupferverband for about three years, is in charge of “Finances and Administration”. This measure is intended to increase the efficiency and performance of the association and to effectively utilize the existing potential. The strong dual leadership reflects the tasks of the Kupferverband: on the one hand, the association continues to strongly focus on scientifical technical issues and collaborates with a broad network of partners from research, industry, and universities. On the other hand, the administrative tasks of the management were significantly increased by taking over the management for the Copper Tube Quality Association and for OECAM (Organization of European Manufacturers of Copper Alloy Castings).

“The special dynamism that defines our team was palpable at the annual kick-off event. We not only discussed our internal goals for 2024 but also set the course to tackle future challenges in a systematic process,” Markus Killer explains. Dr. Klaus Ockenfeld adds: “It has become clear in recent weeks that our team is coming together even stronger and moving forward dynamically. Our common passion for innovation and progress drives us to explore new paths and continue to be a strong voice for the material copper in the future.”

(Source: Kupferverand e. V. Press Release)



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