New BAM Report 2023/24: Safety Needs Diversity

New BAM Report 2023/24: Safety Needs Diversity

The BAM Report 2023/24 has been published with the title "Safety needs diversity". In doing so, BAM is joining the "#Zusammenland - Vielfalt macht uns stark" initiative, which is supported by over 700 companies, associations and scientific organizations.

“Science only thrives in open, diverse, democratic systems,”emphasizes BAM president Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne in the editorial. “People from over 50 countries work at BAM today, with diverse biographies, affiliations and identities. Without their commitment, BAM would not be able to pursue its mission – to ensure safety in technology and chemistry. Open-mindedness, diversity, networking and international exchange are our core values at BAM – and the cornerstones of our success.”

On 50 pages, the BAM Report 2023/24 provides insight about BAM’s diverse work on the world of tomorrow: including a cooperation with scientists from Namibia, that focuses on researching safe infrastructures for the future hydrogen economy, an international BAM spin-off that has developed a revolutionary welding technology that can significantly accelerate the expansion of wind power, and an interdisciplinary team that is developing reference materials for more powerful e-batteries. Other contributions are dedicated to material development with automation and AI, the recycling of LEDs and a test stand for road safety that is unique in Europe.

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(Source: BAM Press Release)



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