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04. – 05.05.2021

11th International Congress and Exhibition Aluminium Brazing 2021 und ALUMINIUM HEAT EXCHANGER TECHNOLOGIES FOR HVAC&R

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11th International Congress and Exhibition Aluminium Brazing 2021 und ALUMINIUM HEAT EXCHANGER TECHNOLOGIES FOR HVAC&R


Die internationale Branche des Aluminiumlötens und der Wärmeaus-tauschtechnologien trifft sich erstmals online. Der DVS – Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e. V. und die DVS Media GmbH laden am 4. und 5. Mai 2021 zur digitalen Doppelveranstaltung ein: Der „11th International Congress and Exhibition on Aluminium Brazing“ und der „7th International Congress and Exhibition on Aluminium Heat Exchanger Technologies for HVAC&R“ informieren über aktuelle Trends und den Stand der Technik.

Videopräsentationen von namhaften Branchenvertretern stehen bei der Onlineveranstaltung im Mittelpunkt. Per Chat können sich die Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer austauschen und Kontakte knüpfen. Neben der Konferenz „Aluminium Brazing und HVAC&R“ gibt es auch eine virtuelle Ausstellung, auf der Unternehmen ihre Produkte für das Hartlöten präsentieren können.

Das Programm im Überblick:
Dienstag, 4. Mai 2021
  • Welcome/Introduction
  • Carbon footprint study of aluminium brazing sheet


  • OptVol technology – Helium/hydrogen leak testing by the VES Group/A theoretical analysis of the vacuum technology and related leak detection equipment
  • SECO/WARWICK Active Only CAB furnace - the smart solution for brazing of diverse aluminum heat exchangers


  • TRILLIUM® Preforms - an enabler for efficient aluminium HEX manufacturing
  • Project study of gel formation in engine coolants – and considerations for the development of further improved coolant compositions
  • Assessment of interactions between post-braze Nocolok flux and engine coolant in the field and means to reproduce in the laboratory
  • Post-braze processes to achieve greater internal cleanliness of heat exchangers

Process & Quality Control

  • Impact of substrate surface features on brazing of microchannel heat exchangers
  • Brazing cycle influence on the brazing joint microstructure and nanohardness - Behaviour law of the header-joint tube assembly for thermal shock heat exchanger simulation optimization
  • Development of a partial flux application system to reduce post-braze flux residue
  • Quality matters-quality standards are there to be used not abused!

Heat Exchanger Products for HVAC&R

  • High performance multi-micro-port extruded tubes
  • Multifunctional heat exchangers for thermal energy storage
  • Hydro high corrosion resistant alloy for HVAC&R applications

Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2021
  • Opening
  • Recent developments in additive manufacturing of metallic materials


  • In-situ brazing observation of removal behavior of oxide film from Al-Si filler surface by brazing flux
  • Heat exchanger materials for E-Mobility
  • AMAG TopClad®PURE for improved brazeability

Research and Development

  • Contribution on new results of investigations of aluminium vacuum brazing
  • Flux-free approaches for brazing aluminum alloys
  • Effect of the flux on the reactivity of cooling systems aluminum alloys with ethylene glycol-based coolants

Testing and Design

  • Analysis of brazing imperfections by metallographic investigation/ optical microscopy
  • A SWAAT procedure based on time to perforation and its use for studying the effect of metallurgical and process parameters on corrosion resistance of automotive brazing sheets
  • Corrosion in brazed heat exchanger materials: Measurement techniques for optimised and application specific material designs

  • Closing Remarks

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