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VAE 2020 – 3rd International Conference on Vehicle and Automotive Engineering 2020

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VAE 2020 – 3rd International Conference on Vehicle and Automotive Engineering 2020


Am 25. November findet  online die 3. Internationalen Konferenz für Fahrzeug- und Kraftfahrzeugtechnik (VAE2020) statt. Ziel der Veranstaltung ist es, Experten aus Wissenschaft und Industrie zusammenzubringen.

Das Programm der VAE2020 im Überblick:

Plenary lecture: László Fükő, Factory director, Robert Bosch Power Tool Ltd.

Session Alternative Powertrains/Autonomous vehicles:

  • Development of an advanced durable test target for Autonomous Emergency Brake testing
  • Trajectory tracking control of an autonomous car
  • Trajectory Tracking Controller Testing in Software in the Loop Environment
  • Range-reducing Effect of Contaminants in Case of Solar Vehicles
  • Alternative propulsion buses in the metropolitan public transport
  • Structural Analysis of a Multi-Axle Steering Linkage for an 8x8 Special Purpose Vehicle

Session Materials & Manufacturing:

  • Three Generations of Advanced High Strength Steels in the Automotive Industry
  • Development of cutting edge radius size of solid carbide mills when drag finishing
  • Micromechanical Analysis of Glass Fiber/Epoxy Lamina
  • Non destructive test for control of the surface quality of semi product at the automotive industry
  • Investigation into applicability of automotive quality regulations in the steel industry

Session Sustainability/Logistics:

  • Artificial aging of ultra-low viscosity lubricant samples on a programmable oil aging rig
  • Smart Contracts in the Automotive Industry
  • A Review on the Differences between Particle Emission; Filtration and Regeneration of Particulate Filters of Diesel and Gasoline Engines
  • Electromagnetic emission rates between 2-phase and 3-phase motors
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Traditional and Electric Vehicles
  • Special Optimization Process for Warehouse Layout Design
  • Towards Ammonia Free Retrofitting of Heavy-Duty Vehicles to meet Euro VI Standards
  • Applying Sustainable Logistics in Industry 4.0 Era

Session Design/Noise:

  • Experimental investigation of vibroacoustic behaviour of an automotive turbocharger with semi-floating bearing
  • Passive Damping Techniques For Vibration Suppression In Boring Operation With Long Overhangs
  • Test Method for Investigation of Reactive Loads on Gear Drives with Supporting Function
  • Analysis of wear curves as sigmoid functions
  • Utilization of lessons learned in product development
  • Comparison of center of gravity height estimation methods
  • Numerical Solutions of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Interface Growing Equation with Different Noise Terms
  • Effect of cooling channels to the press hardening tools temperature

Plenary lecture: Formulation of a mathematical model for the prediction of fatigue life in the high cycle regime

Session Design/Noise:

  • Design and testing of a water injection system of a turbocharged Otto-engine in testbench environment
  • Method of validating the importance of aerodynamic (drag) parameters for electric racing environments
  • Simulation environment developed for advanced suspension design methods
  • Validation of Formula Student Race Car simulation environment and parameter sensitivity to race results
  • CFD analyzes of an axial fan
  • Robotic Production Oriented Engine Design and Manufacturing
  • Experimental investigation of the air-side heat transfer coefficient on louver finned tube automotive radiator

Session Optimization:

  • Optimum Design of Solar Sandwich Panels for Satellites Applications
  • Survey on new trends of robotic tools in the automotive industry
  • Trial – and – Error Optimization Method of Pick and Place Task for RV-2AJ Robot Arm
  • Optimization algorithms for inverse kinematics of robots with MATLAB source code
  • Newer manufacturing technologies and their costs in automotive structures; a review
  • Cutting and Hauling Mining Adapter for Dimension Stone

Session Welding:

  • Application of Laser-arc Hybrid Welding to Thick Steel Plates for Bridge Structures
  • Research of Laser Beam Welding of Nickel
  • Arc sensor parameter optimisation for robot welding
  • Experimental Study of Electron Beam Welding of Inconel Alloy
  • Investigation of thermal effects of flame straightening on high-strength steels
  • High Cycle Fatigue Resistance of 700 MPa and 960 MPa Strength Categories High Strength Steels and their Gas Metal Arc Welded Joints

Dasvollständige Vortragsprogramm inklusive der Uhrzeiten und Referenten können Sie sich hier herunterladen: