ESAB DEMOBUS Offers Ultimate Mobile Welding And Cutting Experience

ESAB DEMOBUS Offers Ultimate Mobile Welding And Cutting Experience

ESAB has announced that the ESAB “Demobus” — an interactive mobile welding and cutting experience — will visit more than 100 cities spanning more than 20 European countries in 2024. The tour, which began in January, will make stops in Lithuania, Germany, France, Benelux, Italy, UK, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, southeast Europe and conclude with a visit to Nordic countries in November. 

The Demobus offers visitors the opportunity to try the company’s latest welding and cutting equipment (including the ESAB Ultimate Line-Up, Warrior® Edge systems and battery-powered Renegade VOLT™). Visitors can take advantage of exclusive on-site special offers and connect with ESAB process and filler metal experts for technical advice, as well as enter to win a custom-painted Sentinel™ A60 automatic welding helmet. The Demobus is like a mobile welding trade show that allows you to personally evaluate our operator-friendly machines and see how they incorporate advanced functions and arc performance not found in legacy equipment. Across the board, ESAB equipment enables users to weld and cut with optimised performance for more accurate and consistent results. In addition, ESAB power sources meet EU Ecodesign Directives to improve energy efficiency and lower utility bills, and many offer lighter weight for more portability and maneuverability.

Featured Products

Marquis products on the 2024 Demo Bus tour include:

  • The Warrior® Edge 500 DX multi-process power source and RobustFeed Edge DX feeder, which feature four advanced GMAW transfer modes to improve productivity and quality in specific applications such as pulsed MIG, thin plate, root passes and faster travel speed.
  • Renegade VOLT™ ES 200i MMA/TIG battery-powered welding system, which allows users to accomplish jobs in difficult-to-reach locations, set-up quickly and eliminate the need to drag heavy cables or use generators. Renegade VOLT offers an MMA output of 10 – 130A and TIG output of 10 –150 on battery power, connects to 120V/230V AC mains power and provides a maximum welding output of 200A when connected to 230V mains.
  • Renegade™ ET 210iP Advanced, a pulsed TIG/MMA inverter featuring a 110 mm-wide color TFT (thin film transistor) interface to enable operators to visualize the full TIG weld sequence.
  • Rogue EM 180 (ESAB MIG/MMA) and Rogue EMP 210 (ESAB Multi-Process) compact and lightweight inverter-based welding power sources. Rogue EM 180 and Rogue EMP 210 make it easier to weld with optimized arc settings because they feature advanced digital interfaces and offer functions such as Synergic Control and Arc Dynamics.
  • Rustler™ EM 350C PRO Synergic, an integrated MIG welder/wire feeder that provides a 350 amp output and adds the benefits of synergic control. Rustler features a premium 4-wheel drive feeding mechanism to deliver precision arc starts and stops and steady feeding performance.
  • Cutmaster 30+, 50+ and 70+ manual plasma cutters featuring ESAB’s signature 110 mm TFT display for ease of operation. A built-in 14-pin CPC port for easy CNC mechanization provides the flexibility to switch between manual and mechanized cutting to maximize utilization of their machines.
  • Sentinel™ A60 and A60 Air automatic welding helmets. Their panoramic view and perfect 1/1/1/1 EN optical clarity provide a wider, clearer view of the weld pool without any distortion.
  • FR (flame-resistant) clothing, including welding leathers, trousers and coveralls.
  • ESAB’s world-leading filler metals, including MIG aluminum wires made in Europe.
Demo Bus Tour Date

Details on specific locations for each country are posted on ESAB’s website. Select dates include:

10/03 – 13/03 – Poland
20/03 – 22/03 – Lithuania
08/04 – 19/04 – Italy
29/04 – 03/05 – Germany
13/05 – 17/05 – Belgium
20/05 – 07/06 – United Kingdom and Ireland
17/06 – 22/06 – Belgium and Luxembourg
24/06 – 28/06 – France
12/08 – 16/08 – Norway
19/08 – 23/08 – Sweden
02/09 – 06/09 – South East Europe
09/09 – 13/09 – Greece
23/09 – 04/10 – Turkey
14/10 – 18/10 – South East Europe
04/11 – 08/11 – Denmark
11/11 – 15/11 – Finland

(Source: ESAB Press Release)


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