Exquisite Hammer by THE METALIST

Exquisite Hammer by THE METALIST

It is the ultimate status symbol: A hammer in the shape of a fist made of pure gold. This hammer is not just a tool but embodies luxury with a value of half a million euros and is probably the most expensive hammer in the world. In 2023, the YouTuber THE METALIST started the serial production of his popular fist hammer. Due to an exclusive request from Dubai, THE METALIST is now manufacturing his lifestyle product in a luxury version.

The fist hammer originated in a YouTube video with over 3.2 million views. Behind this is THE METALIST, known in real life as Dirk Ahrendt. Due to the positive response and high demand, the idea of serial production of the hammer was born. The lifestyle product is fully functional, Ahrendt explains: “My fist hammer is a robust tool for any craft project. The solid cast iron is durable and stable – this hammer is not just a display piece,” he says. The designer tool was originally offered at a price starting at 298 € – including a gold-plated variant. When the exclusive request from Dubai came, it was soon clear: THE METALIST would create a true masterpiece. A hammer that combines luxury and functionality like never before.

Dirk Ahrendt, THE METALIST, started serial production of the fist hammer. © THE METALIST
Custom-made from pure gold

The gold hammer is cast from five kilograms of pure gold. First, a wax mold is created, which is then coated with a five-millimeter-thick layer of minerals. In crucibles, the 24-karat gold must be melted and poured into the mold before it can properly harden. The casting and hardening process requires extreme care and expertise to ensure the quality and durability of each hammer. “We are glad to have a very experienced partner in our foundry, supporting us in this project and meeting our high-quality standards,” says Ahrendt.

(Source: THE METALIST Press Release)


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