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HÜTTENTAG 2023 Provides Assessment of the Current State of the Steel Industry's Climate Transition

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HÜTTENTAG 2023 provides assessment of the current state oF THE STEEL INDUSTRY'S CLIMATE TRANSITION

The steel industry has accepted the challenge of the climate transition and launched investment programmes for decarbonisation worth billions of Euros. However, the high energy prices are a hurdle that can only be tackled with strong financial government commitment, as “green” steel is indispensable for society. Replacing blast furnaces with climate-friendly direct reduction plants and the resulting need for large quantities of renewable electric power and fossil-free hydrogen are just some of the specific topics currently discussed. Commercial solutions were the focus of the HÜTTENTAG 2023 conference, for which DVS Media GmbH and Messe Essen GmbH, as joint organisers, can draw a positiv conclusion.

On November 16, 320 participants as well as 26 exhibitors and sponsors met in the Glass Foyer East of Messe Essen to discuss the steel industry's actions in the energy and climate transition. Under the patronage of Essen's Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen, HÜTTENTAG 2023 showcased presentations and keynote speeches on commercial solutions for the steel industry.

The conference began with an opening lecture by Dr Martin Theuringer, Director of the German Steel Federation, entitled “On the road to green steel: What the steel industry needs now for a successful transformation”. In their keynote speeches, Dr Peter Maagh, CEO of Dillinger and Saarstahl, and Felix Schmitz, CEO of Kloeckner Metals Germany, explained how green steel can secure a technological advantage and how it is highly valued by customers. In the following panel discussion, moderator Nadine Pungs went into detail on some of those aspects.

© DVS Media GmbH
© DVS Media GmbH

In the afternoon, six sessions with a total of 22 specialist presentations were held concurrently, focussing on specific aspects of the energy and climate transition in the steel industry. The various presentations in the first series were devoted to “Decarbonised process routes and supply chains”, “Digitalisation in energy management and communication” and “Automated production technology 4.0”. The other series of sessions focused on “The digitalised steelworks” (I + II) and “Steel in the circular economy”.

With a summarising prospect the participants, guests and exhibitors were given a farewell in the evening from the successful event. Many of the solutions presented during the day were further discussed  at the HÜTTENABEND get-together, which was opened with a welcome address by Thomas Kufen, Lord Mayor of the City of Essen. Attendees naturally also took the opportunity to network in the social atmosphere of the well-attended gathering.

Dirk Sieben, Managing Director of DVS Media GmbH, sums up this year's event: “Today’s presentations and discussions prove that HÜTTENTAG was again able to help identify solutions to the challenges the steel industry is facing. We are delighted that our conference platform is helping to bring the players together and foster idea exchange.“

More information on the speakers and topics at HÜTTENTAG 2023 can be found at


The next HÜTTENTAG will take place at the same venue on November 19, 2024.

(Source: Press Release by DVS Media GmbH)


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