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Kemppi launches new MIG/MAG Welding Torches

Kemppi launches new MIG/MAG Welding Torches

The new GXe torches are re-engineered from the ground up. Kemppi used detailed customer feedback to optimize the torch structure for enhanced durability, upgraded welding characteristics, and optimal balance.

Key areas have been made smaller, and the ball joint bending support is more reliable with improved wire feeding. GXe torches also offer enhanced protection against dust and humidity (IP5X rated). GXe series torches are built to last longer. All Flexlite GXe torches come with a 6-month warranty.

Kemppi also made important upgrades to the torch neck. On the water-cooled version, the new W-neck and ceramic insulation offer improved water flow and enhanced cooling that extends the lifetime of consumables. The new G-neck has a heavy-duty structure and a new rotation mechanism for increased durability on the gas-cooled version. Both versions' neck bend angles and wirelines were also optimized to reduce wire feeding disturbance for more stable arc performance.

Kemppi Flexlite GXe torches offer upgraded welding characteristics, enhanced ergonomics, and increased durability for reliable, cost-efficient performance. - © Kemppi
© Kemppi

(Source: Kemppi Press Release)



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