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NPE 2024: New Solutions to Reduce Environmental Impact of Plastics

Clariant introduces new solutions to reduce the environmental impact of plastics at NPE 2024

Clariant presented the company’s latest solutions to support the plastics industry to improve safety and efficiency, increase circularity, and reduce waste at NPE2024 in Orlando, Florida, USA. “Since K 2022 our experts have been developing industry-leading products that minimize the impact on human health and the environment while maintaining or exceeding performance expectations,” commented Miao Zhigang, Head of Clariant’s Polymer Solutions business.

Clariant introduced AddWorks PPA, a PFAS-free processing aid compositions for polyolefin film extrusion. At NPE 2024, Clariant launched its new AddWorks PPA product range for customers in the polyolefin film extrusion market. The new AddWorks PPA polymer additive range features smooth and stable processability, while also ensuring the highest possible optical film qualities (haze, gloss, clarity) by eliminating sharkskin and dye build-up effects. The film tensile, mechanical, and sealing properties are unaffected by the new compositions and the solutions exhibit high thermal stability and low or no migration, as well as low let down ratios (LDRs) ensuring competitive cost-in-use. Clariant has developed the AddWorks PPA product line in response to increased concerns about the persistence of PFAS in the environment and the implications for human health. These new products contain no inorganic content nor silicone components and preserve high performance.

Clariant plans to launch the AddWorks PPA soon in all regions

(Source: Clariant Press Release)


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