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Weld and Clean With One Machine


The Minarc T 223 ACDC GM is an entirely new, 220 A single-phase AC/DC TIG welding machine, including 'MAX WeldClean', an electrolytic weld cleaning process. This portable welding machine allows you to perform high-quality AC/DC TIG welding and professional weld cleaning from one machine.

Minarc T 223 ACDC includes standard welding features, pulse, memory channels, and remote-control options. Setting controls are easy to operate, and the color display is large and clear, protected by an impact protection cover. The new MAX WeldClean electrolytic cleaning process is simple and easy to use. It only takes a moment to convert your TIG torch to cleaning mode, where an efficient combination of electric current and phosphoric acid quickly removes oxidation and discoloration from the weld to produce a perfectly clean finish.

The key benefits of Minarc T 223 ACDC are:

  • Accurate and precise 220A TIG welding with easy-to-use controls on a large color display,
  • Powerful electrolytic weld cleaning wit the MAX WeldClean to remove oxidation and discoloration, finishing welds fast.
  • Easy to carry: Users can move the machine where they need it and save time by welding and finishing with one power source.

(Source: Kemppi Press Release)



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