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Efficient and Accurate Quoting with iQuoting

Efficient and Accurate Quoting with iQuoting

Lantek unveils its iQuoting software, designed specifically for sheet metal fabrication. This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution has become a success story, revolutionizing the the quotation process for Muhammaed Yilmaz, the owner of Megmet Yilmaz GmbH, a metal working company based in Heilbronn, Germany.

Quotations posed significant challenges for the company, yielding minimal profits and demanding considerable time investment with uncertain outcomes. However, since November 2022, Yilmaz has experienced a remarkable transformation, generating quotes using Lantek’s iQuoting calculation software. Powered by Lantek Expert, an independent CAD-CAM nesting software, iQuoting leverages real costs and machine data for accurate calculations. Moreover, the software operates seamlessly in the cloud, requiring only an annual subscription fee for access. Having successfully transitioned from beta to a fully functional tool, iQuoting is now available for bookings.

Despite being a relatively small company with five employees, Mehmet Yilmaz GmbH offers comprehensive services, ranging from individual part production to complete assemblies. Yilmaz, the owner, actively engages in the quoting process. Previously, he relied on Excel spreadsheets and his wealth of experience to accomplish this task.

In 2020, as Yilmaz contemplated expanding his machine park to enhance contract manufacturing capabilities, Lantek’s reputation as a software solutions provider caught his attention. Impressed by its capabilities. Since 2017, Nukon has been Lantek’s OEM partner. As a result, Yilmaz now operates two laser cutting machines, the Nukon NS PRO 625 for sheet metal and the Nukon NKT 160 for tubes and profiles, both controlled by Lantek Expert. These machines’ notable feature is their swivel head, which enables precise bevel cutting for welding seam preparation, resulting in significant time and cost savings across small and large parts alike.

According to Jens Schamberger, Lanteks leading beta programme tester, "iQuoting is so straightforward that even individuals lacking sheet metal expertise and relying solely on intuition can effortlessly generate quotations." He further explains, "Upon receiving a customer inquiry, the CAD file is imported into iQuoting. The software automatically extracts material costs, machine cutting speeds, and technology data from Lantek Expert. The customer can predefine their rates, profit margins, and potentially offer discounts. By selecting the calculation method and considering additional component-related costs, they swiftly obtain the actual material and production expenses while preparing the quotation." For Yilmaz, the subsequent phase holds great significance, as he emphasizes, "Following customer acceptance, iQuoting and Lantek Expert facilitate nesting for the quotation, determine the required materials, and calculate the feasible delivery date. At the touch of a button, the quotation promptly transforms into a work order, ready for immediate production—encompassing quantities, materials, and all other necessary steps—eliminating the need for redundant data entry. This signifies true digitalization!"


The convenience of iQuoting extends beyond the need for additional hardware and local computing power.

Lantek offers iQuoting as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing customers to "rent" the software for an annual fee and access it securely in the cloud. Lantek ensures maximum data security through advanced encryption technologies, communication isolation, and mandatory authentication. This eliminates the requirement for on-site hardware, computing power, installation expertise, and maintenance personnel. Lantek’s cloud infrastructure, known as "iQuoting" connects the local installation and database to the cloud, leveraging external computing power for efficient calculations that can be stored locally. Jens Schamberger explains, "There is a growing trend of SaaS modules, and in the future, working with them will become commonplace." For Muhammed Yilmaz, the ability to access iQuoting anytime and anywhere is of great importance as a family business owner. He can conveniently work with quotes even after business hours, providing flexibility and responsiveness to customer inquiries.

The combination of Lantek iQuoting and Lantek Expert is a comprehensive solution for companies that lack Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Matthias Rolf, Lantek's area sales manager, explains, "Even for companies already utilizing a complete software suite, Lantek simplifies the quoting process by enabling data integration across various operations, including quoting, work preparation, manufacturing, production tracking, invoicing, and materials management. It offers a seamless software cycle from A to Z."

(Source: Lantek Press Release)


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