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Vacuum and Leak Detection Solutions for the Hydrogen Industry

Vacuum and Leak Detection Solutions for the Hydrogen Industry

OmniStar GSD 350 is a compact, portable benchtop device which permits gas analysis at atmospheric pressure. It enables fast, reliable and precise measurement of noncondensable gases. The proven mass spectrometer software PV MassSpec provides qualitative and quantitative analyses. The systems cover the mass ranges 1 to 100 amu, 1 to 200 amu and 1 to 300 amu. This makes the OmniStar GSD 350 the fitting solution for material characterization tasks, such as hydrogen permeation testing through tank materials or sealing materials.

Universal leak detector

The ASM 340 is a versatile leak detector for hydrogen and helium. The ASM 340 can be used not only for qualitative localization of leaks but also for quantitative integral or local testing. Its powerful vacuum system sets it apart and guarantees extremely fast operational readiness. It also features a rapid response time due to its high helium pumping speed. These characteristics result in short cycle times and a high throughput rate. The ASM 340 is the only leak detector in its class capable of locating leaks at pressures below 100 mbar. Leakage testing of fuel cell stacks, hydrogen tanks and integrated hydrogen circuits are a main focus.

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ASM 340 from Pfeiffer Vacuum © Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH
Mobile Leak Test Module

Pfeiffer Vacuum also presented a mobile Leak Test Module which offers a modular solution for leakage testing. With its individually configurable components, the module is suitable for a wide range of leak testing tasks using helium and hydrogen/forming gas as tracer gases. Its many components permit a wide range of leak testing with tracer gases and make it individually configurable. Its optional automation capabilities make it the ideal solution for efficient and reliable leak testing at the preliminary development stage right up to the small series level. And that’s not all – Pfeiffer Vacuum also offers a special Leak Test Module for monopolar and bipolar plates. It can be fully integrated into existing production lines. With its multi-patented setup and process, the module results in short cycle times of under 40 seconds, thus supporting efficient production.

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