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Bollé Safety Wins Red Dot Award

Bollé Safety Wins Red Dot Award

Bollé Safety, a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) eyewear specialist, has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design in Essen, Germany, for its Universal safety goggles. This prize is awarded annually to the best market-ready and industrially manufactured products for their outstanding design quality.

The Universal model, which is considered Bollé Safety’s most important innovation on the safety eyewear market, was launched in June 2023. The international expert jury of the Red Dot Award praised the ergonomic, well-thought-out design of the goggles, which combine optimum protection and great comfort.

The Red Dot Award was established in Germany in 1955 and since then has honoured international companies that combine quality, technical expertise, and innovation in their products. “We are extremely proud to receive this prestigious award, which recognises several years' R&D work and the unstinting commitment of our in-house teams. Receiving the endorsement of leading designers confirms our ability to excel as an influential industrial company in the PPE market. Our priority has always been to develop goggles and masks that combine safety, comfort and style to enable professionals in the industrial sector to be protected on a daily basis and our Universal model clearly fulfils this mission to perfection,” says Julien Konieczny, Bollé Safety Product Development Manager.

The safety goggles are designed for high functionality. The special Wave technology ensures an optimal fit eliminating gaps without increasing pressure points. The frame combines soft, comfortable TPR material and robust polycarbonate. The panoramic lenses, which are available in different tints, are also made of polycarbonate and have an exclusive platinum coating to protect against fogging and scratches. A face guard can also be attached to the goggles.

Features of the Universal safety goggles at a glance
  • Wave technology: the goggle is designed with an accordion bellows system that adapts to the shape of the wearer’s face and distributes the pressure of the goggle over the entire goggle, guaranteeing an optimised fit for each individual’s morphology,
  • panoramic vision to limit blind spots with a polycarbonate lens,
  • an exclusive Platinum treatment that protects the goggles from scratches and slows down the formation of condensation,

Four versions to suit all types of industry. The colour of the straps and flexible parts of the goggles vary depending on the area of use, particularly in terms of ventilation, lens tints and materials: 

  • Yellow: These goggles have indirect ventilation and are suitable for a wide range of users. They can be used by workers on a construction site and by metalworkers, where dust presents a limited risk,
  • Green: Unlike yellow goggles, these are completely waterproof and suitable for professionals working with flammable products, dangerous gases, fine particles, etc. They can be used, for example, in petrochemical environments or in the food industry,
  • Grey: These are made from neoprene braid, which is more resistant to chemicals than nylon. They are ideal for workers using solvents, acids, etc.,
  • Black: These goggles are designed with welding lenses. They are suitable for welders handling class 2 to 5 gases,
  • Universal offers type B impact resistance (the highest for a goggle) in accordance with EN1663 and is compatible with prescription eyewear,
  • Goggle is easy to disassemble, allowing the materials to be recycled separately (TRP, PC and Nylon), and packaged in a high-density polyethylene bag that is 100 per cent recycled and recyclable.

    More information about the Universal goggle

(Source: Bollé Safety Press Release)


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