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Quality in TIG and plasma welding for over 60 years

“Exhibitors announce”: The company mentioned in this article is an exhibitor at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023.

You will find the company at the fair in Hall 3, Stand 3A30 + 32A31.

Quality in TIG and plasma welding for over 60 years

Polysoude, a french company established in 1961 in Nantes, has been at the forefront of automating assembly processes through the development of orbital TIG welding machines. The company’s innovative hot wire TIG welding and narrow groove TIG welding technologies enhance productivity. Furthermore, Polysoude has developed orbital welding heads specifically for the assembly of heat exchangers, enabling seamless joining of tubes to tube sheets.

Originally, closed chamber welding heads, while providing excellent weld quality, have limited productivity due to the need for cooling after each welding operation. However, Polysoude has overcome this limitation by designing liquid-cooled closed orbital welding heads (MW) that offer significantly increased duty cycles and higher productivity without compromising weld quality. These models have been continually improved and now accommodate tube diameters ranging from 1/4" up to 6 5/8".

The clamping units feature a hinged window, allowing for a final visual inspection of proper tube end alignment before welding. Nevertheless, closed welding heads have certain constraints, such as the inability to add filler wire, making them suitable only for joining thin-walled tubes. Moreover, when dealing with larger diameters, closed welding heads become unwieldy and challenging to position precisely on thin-walled tubes.

Open orbital welding heads (MU) are specifically designed for joining tubes with thick walls or large diameters. When appropriately equipped with arc voltage control (AVC) and torch oscillation (OSC), they enable efficient multi-layer welding with the addition of filler wire, while maintaining exceptional joint quality. Polysoude's closed welding heads of the UHP type (ultra-high purity) have been designed to prioritize weld quality and suitability for cleanroom purposes. These models are air-cooled and can weld tube diameters ranging from 1/4" to 1".

Furthermore, the company has introduced the UHP 1025, which serves as an affordable extension for customers already using the UHP 625 model. The latest version of the Smart Welding Station PC-2 now also supports plasma welding. The system allows programmable pilot arc current intensities ranging from 12 to 50 A. Weld cycles, including arc transfer, can be customized independently of the plasma gas used. During a weld cycle, crucial welding parameters are measured, recorded, and displayed in real-time using a data acquisition (DAQ) system. Wide dynamic range (WDR) video cameras monitor and record the area before and behind the arc. Operators can view the welding process on their control desk screens.

After completing a welding operation, parameter values and video stills can be synchronized, providing precise documentation for WPS development, production quality assurance, and defect analysis. Data transfer can be conducted offline using standard storage devices (USB flash drive) or online through the integrated OPC-UA architecture.

(Source: Polysoude)



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